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Microsoft Azure offers an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services deployed on massive Microsoft-managed data centers. Its integrated services include analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, AI, web apps and more – all featuring future-ready innovations, fast and powerful computing, and proactive security and compliance. Using Microsoft Azure cloud servers allows you to eliminate upfront capital expenditures and pay only for the computing resources you use. But Azure is a monster, and can’t just be setup like a virtual instance of your local IT. It must be optimized and refactored to capitalize on the performance, security and redundancy options it offers. If you don’t want the cloud to be an inefficient money pit, but instead a business driver with real ROI, you need a partner who has been there — a guide who has tamed this beast before. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Accellis understands the Azure architecture, licensing and payment models and can optimize your site to deliver on the full promise that public cloud offers.


The Azure Solution

Whether you want to reduce your on-premises equipment expenditures, build and deploy powerful web apps, or serve up software across multiple continents, Azure has a solution. Most people don’t ask, “Do I need Azure?” They ask things like, “How do I get there? What will it cost? What needs to change with my IT to make this a success?” This page outlines our proven process. Since we know all the tricks, best practices, tradeoffs and money pits, by following this process, your Azure project will be an absolute success.

Discovery & Assessment

We start with strategic planning that focuses on practical business needs and ROI. We will carefully monitor your site down to the disk IOPS and data egress which allows us to provide a comprehensive analysis of what data should move to the cloud vs. what data should stay on-premise. This culminates in report we deliver that outlines key risks, migration timeline, workload suitability and an estimate of the compute costs (i.e., servers, CPUs, RAM, disks),

Architect & Design

After discovery, we perform architectural services to better understand what your new site needs to look like. Your migration to Azure can’t be a simple lift-and-shift where you just move what you have over and call it a day. This approach just moves the problem from on-premise to the cloud. To do public cloud right and to gain all the cost, performance and security advantages, we need to refactor and rehost your workloads from the ground up, so they are right-sized, redundant, scalable and secure. At the end of this phase of your Azure project, we provide another report further outlining key risks and timelines along with our plans to upgrade systems and, if applicable, convert traditional and low-tech/IaaS systems to PaaS or SaaS systems. Finally, your previous compute estimate is revised based on this new information and all other Azure expenses such as networking, storage, security, BDR, etc. are included into an extremely accurate bottom line estimate, along with our labor estimate to pull it off, perform User Acceptance Testing, train your staff and cover your Go Live. We also advise you on applicable Hybrid Use Benefits and 1YR/3YR reservations. Our estimates are usually within 1% of what you actually end up paying.

Proof-of-Concept & Migration

Many organizations want us to provide a POC with User Acceptance Testing to validate the investment before jumping into it. We highly recommend this intermediate step between design and migration. By moving to Azure, you are eliminating much of this work in the future (e.g., redoing your servers every five years) so it is worth it to make sure you do it right. During a POC, we’ll replicate your resources and build a production-quality site in Azure that you test and optimize. Once proven, we proceed to a full migration with complete knowledge of any roadblocks that might be in your way, before you move. Often, work done in the POC can be kept to reduce actual migration costs. Most migrations work like this: we replicate some or all on premise equipment to various Azure virtual machines and services. Each day, changes are synchronized. We then setup Azure for how it will work once you go into production. Configured, we then select cross-sections of end-users to thoroughly test all resources, applications and core business processes in a multitude of ways and on multiple devices (called User Acceptance Testing). Once tested, critiqued and ready for use, we provide end-user training to everyone. Where possible, we cutover in groups. During cutover, we provide a team of onsite and/or remote engineers and trainers to assist your team. If anything unexpected happens, we can easily cut back over to the old systems, tinker with Azure and try again. Once your site is live in Azure and working well, we clean up onsite resources, create documentation and can even train your administrators.


Organizations that are not in the cloud can no longer keep pace with the business trends and growth of a global marketplace. There is immense pressure to meet consistently evolving security and compliance requirements. Developing and deploying applications and services takes a long time, and even with fully optimized code, processing speed is limited by on-premises infrastructure investments. Azure enables digital transformation to give you an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Coupled with the strategic implementation by Accellis, your challenges can be quickly solved.
Accellis is fabulous to work with! Everyone at Accellis is very professional, knowledgeable, polite, helpful and above all, they are always available to answer any questions or fix any issues at any time, day or night. Our firm has truly benefited from all of the improvements that they have made to our computer network over the years. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Accellis to any company who is looking for impeccable, invaluable service.
It is a real pleasure to work with Accellis and their highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff. They find and provide cost effective technical solutions to our business needs. Their quick response to address any technical problems that may arise shows their dedication and commitment to help us keep our business operations working smoothly. I highly recommend their technical services.

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