Barracuda: Backup As A Service

Barracuda is now offering monthly payments for their line of firewall and backup appliances. Rather than make a one-time purchase, firms can simply subscribe to these devices “as a service”. This post will explain everything.

The ART OF WAR Cyber Series: No Constant Conditions

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is among the most famous works on military strategy. Over the coming weeks, Accellis will adapt many of these timeless lessons to the modern cyber security theatre. By understanding fundamentals of security and military theory, firms will be in a better position to respond to these threats. In this post we will be discussing No Constant Relations.

5 Time-Saving Ways to Use Excel’s Fill Handle

Excel’s fill handle is one of those features that, once you find out about it, you wish you had been using it all along. Use it with numbers, dates or text to instantly create series of data — from basic to complex. Or, use it to copy and paste formulas to hundreds of cells at once. Less dragging, more productivity. For this post, I have gathered a few top tips on using the fill handle in Excel for data creation.

21 Inspirational Quotes on Leadership from Simon Sinek

Need a little inspiration in your day? Simon Sinek, a prominent author, trainer and public speaker, has been leading a movement to help people around the world inspire action. His unconventional and innovative views on business have inspired millions. Read below for 21 of his best quotes about business leadership.

How to Create an Effective Technology Committee

Technology Committee

Most firms understand that technology is a necessity to running a business, but not all IT projects and products are implemented effectively. Hey, we all make mistakes. It’s the ability to learn from those mistakes is what can make or break us. That’s where a Technology Committee can help. Forming an IT Committee is an excellent way to support your firm’s IT strategy and prevent mistakes from happening. But more than that, a committee will ensure a coordinated, well thought-out effort for current and future initiatives.