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windows sandbox demo

Windows Sandbox Demo

Windows Sandbox is a tool you can use to open potentially unsafe or untrusted files and attachments including opening links from unverified senders to verify they are safe.
This 12 minutes video will show you how to easily install and use Sandbox while explaining other IT and security fundamentals.

5 Time-Saving Ways to Use Excel’s Fill Handle

Excel’s fill handle is one of those features that, once you find out about it, you wish you had been using it all along. Use it with numbers, dates or text to instantly create series of data — from basic to complex. Or, use it to copy and paste formulas to hundreds of cells at once. Less dragging, more productivity. For this post, I have gathered a few top tips on using the fill handle in Excel for data creation.

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15 Critical Questions to Ask a Managed Services Provider [Free Guide]

Choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one of the most important business decisions you will make. The right partner can make a tremendous difference on your efficiency and bottom line. The wrong partner, however, can quickly become a money pit, draining your budget and the time of your staff. Download this free guide to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong MSP. These insights come from our 15+ years of providing IT support for hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses.