Modern Workplace for modern companies.

Modern Workplace refers to an operational setup which has been professionally designed to meet both the physical and virtual needs of your business and its employees in the modern world, one in which more of us are working remotely and people are working flexible hours.

Our curriculum bridges Business Strategy and Technology Strategy with Digital Strategy so you can eliminate chaos of IT operations and focus on business growth by having and IT system that works the same regardless where or when you work.

The business of the future.

Fuel for your bottom line.

Users now operate from numerous devices, outside of your office walls, on enterprise-issued and Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD), using a variety of operating systems (i.e., Windows, iOS, Android, etc.), and at all hours of the day. They anticipate that working from home at midnight will be just as productive as working at your office at noon.

Meanwhile, executives anticipate their business can readily grow and react to shifting needs thanks to scalable and reliable IT infrastructure, which reduces downtime and improves performance. The bottom line for end-users and business executives is the same: more modern workplace, please.

Fewer issues & better ROI.

You evolved along with the world, but did your IT management company? Modern workplaces provide new chances for your company to succeed and compete, but they also bring with them new security, mobility, and management issues.

Creating a more dependable IT, giving users more self-service options, driving down IT issues by 66%, decreasing time to deployment for new user setups by 99%, and shrinking device setup costs by 85% needs to be your new normal.

An in-office experience, in and out of the office.

The goal of modern workplace is simple: end-users have a unified User Experience (UX) no matter where or when they work, and this helps bridge the hybrid nature of digital-era work patterns. Meanwhile, stakeholders can draw insights out of the data, allowing them to be agnostic to where, when, or even if their employees work.

Work must become something we do, not just a place we go. Get started on building your digital age company, today.

A few popular modern workplace tools.

Microsoft Teams

Cut through email clutter with IM, meet with coworkers and clients wherever and whenever, collaborate around digital whiteboards, and take VoIP calls.

SharePoint Online

With auto-saving, auto-versioning, and real-time document coauthoring, employees get more done more quickly. A an intranet, SharePoint also creates critical efficiencies.

Loop Components

Have you ever sent some content to a chat and wished your team could just add their ideas and feedback right in the message, without a bunch of back and forth?

A few essential modern workplace practices.

No more servers

The critical starting point to implementing a modern workplace is to have a strategic plan that enables you to never need to buy another server.

No more VPNs

VPNs were needed so you could secure access files and apps when outside the office. By leveraging cloud apps instead, you solve a lot of VPN-related issues.

No more virtual desktops

Why login to a physical desktop only to use it to log in to a second, virtual desktop? Twice the cost, twice the failures.

We’re in this with you.

as a true partner, dedicated to building a work environment that is maximally sasifying and effective.

Insights, not information.

As employees continue to demand flexible work environments, business owners and executives now, more than ever, need to drive insights from their data. If they don’t have the right applications, they may not even have the data to generate insights. Today, information is abundant, but insights are scarce. Let’s change that.

We help organizations like yours to develop the necessary KPIs (key performance indicators) to understand whether or not work is getting done. With KPIs, you can confidently build your business not just to be more attractive to new workers, but to operate at a higher level of maturity, enabling you to scale your operations and produce greater multiples of output per unit of input.

It all starts with your data: do you have data, is it the right data, is it clean data? Get answers, today.

    Scaling the right things.

    Recruiting, turnover, workplace culture, work product quality, operational efficiency, compliance, security, return on investment… and ultimately profit. These are the painful challenges that confront end-users, executives, and stakeholders at every turn. A business owner’s low net profit directly correlates to an end-user’s frustration with their IT tools and vice versa.

    You can’t easily scale a mess, even if messes do grow wildly out of control. You can, however, clean a mess… and then scale a carefully curated, pristine environment which is purpose-built and renewed daily. That’s what we help our clients do. Untangle the mess left in the wake of classic IT, rebuild it with modern workplace tools and practices, and then scale it for the digital age. Get started, today.

    Are you ready?

    Consider Accellis as a partner. We can customize a solution for your company.