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Accellis offers state-of-the-art cloud services St. Louis organizations can depend on. As well as the design, installation, training, maintenance and cloud migration of IT infrastructures to hundreds of enterprises over the course of more than twenty years. Our bespoke business cloud solutions include the most effective tools and procedures currently available across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments. This encompasses all available service iterations, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Simply put, we have more than a passing familiarity with cloud computing services.

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Cloud services are the business of the future.

Our strategic cloud services bring transformative benefits to organizations by offering scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for data storage, computing power, and business applications. The cloud enables enterprises to eschew substantial capital expenditures on hardware and infrastructure by leveraging the pay-as-you-go model, which translates to significant cost savings and the ability to adjust resources on-demand. This flexibility ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to market demands or operational needs without the lead time and expense of traditional IT procurement. Moreover, our complete cloud solutions facilitate enhanced collaboration and mobility, as employees can access data and applications from anywhere in the world, fostering a more dynamic & responsive workplace.

Better… well, everything.

The Microsoft Cloud boosts company productivity, collaboration, security, and manageability. Dollar for dollar, Microsoft 365 migration costs less and provides more than building something similar onsite at your office. It also solves critical modern workplace challenges, enabling employees to collaborate easily from anywhere. This not only makes working in the office easier, but also enables the whole world to be your common workspace.

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Modern, zero-trust cloud solutions.

By putting your resources in the cloud, you can enable a truly zero-trust security framework at your company. What is zero-trust? Back in the day, the security paradigm was “trust, but verify”; a user asks for access to something, we give it to them, then we circle back and ask, “Hey, you are who you say you are, right?” With zero-trust, the user has to prove themselves before we give them access.

Digital transformation.

Most midsized MSPs, including Accellis, are all capable of doing the routine tasks associated with IT administration, but your business requires more than this. Today, different generations have different preferences, which is changing team dynamics and culture. Being the best requires recruiting the best, so your question isn’t “either remote or onsite work” it’s “both remote and onsite work”. To transform into a digital-age company, Accellis needs to help you make work something people do, not just a place they go. This unleashes the pent-up capacity at your company to re-imagine your products and services, workplace culture, and customer experiences.

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See how our cloud services can transform your business.

Trust Accellis to build your new cloud solution and increase your efficiency and productivity ten-fold.