Get instant IT operational maturity with Co-Managed IT.

It is asking a lot of your business to manage the complexity of IT networks, industry laws, cloud computing, cybersecurity, VoIP, application upgrades, software licensing, hardware replacements… it’s a long list. Accellis’ Co-Management program is a paradigm for IT that combines the benefits of having an internal IT team, with the benefits of having a managed service provider, one that built their entire management platform from the ground up with co-management in mind, not as an afterthought.

Elite strategy & support for your IT environment.

Designed for hybrid IT teams.

Co-management is not an afterthought for us. We build our entire IT management platform with co-management in mind, making it effortlessly scalable. Your internal team is given direct access into our entire IT management stack: Professional Services Automaton (PSA), Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM), Remote Access & Administration (RAA), and Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Strategy & support.

Accellis is capable of doing as much or as little as needed: unlimited onsite and remote support, procurement, network management, security services, project work, IT budgeting and strategy, and more. Many of our partners have just a Director of IT or CIO; we perform all other relevant end-user hardware and application support. Others have no CIO but have a great network or application support team, so we step in to help lead. Still others have some other kind of mix. Whatever your position, we’re here to help you take IT to the next level.

Staff augmentation.

Just as we have built the capacity to scale support and strategy for hundreds of clients and thousands of end-users, we have done the same for hiring, training, and managing IT personnel. Use Accellis to build your perfect internal IT team. Benefit from superior recruiting of skills and certifications, faster time to hire, longer average retention, and coverage for all PTO/sick/maternity leave time. This is a fully-managed service: salary, benefits, profit share, hardware, training, applications, and complete day-to-day management.

Your future looks operationally mature.

Ticketing System

Full use of our elite SaaS-based ticketing system (PSA). You are our equal. Pass tickets back and forth, see all note records, open and close tickets, and more.

Automation System

Full use of our SaaS-based automation system (RMM) to deploy and manage Updates and patches, self-healing, and perform event management.

Documentation System

Full use of our SaaS-based documentation system (CMDB) where your company’s accounts, KB articles, topology, and other documentation reside.

Remote Access

Full use of our SaaS-based remote access solution for all your network devices, on and off domain, including follow upon reboot capabilities.

Analytics Dashboard

Full visibility into IT, security, and performance data via our SaaS platform. Compare your team vs ours and even combine our teams into a single dataset.

Project System

Use our ticketing system (PSA) to manage and execute your own internal projects, including creating project plans, phases, milestones, and tickets.

Time Entry

Using our SaaS-based PSA, you can instruct your internal team to enter their time, driving KPIs around utilization that inform capacity planning and more.

Snapshot Reports

Have us create custom snapshot reports helping you deliver daily, weekly, or monthly insights into your SLA, capacity planning, project execution, time capture, and more.

IT Roadmap & Budget

We will deliver a formal IT plan and annual budget. With this in place, your team and ours will be able to execute meaningful digital transformation.

Together, let’s tackle IT.

You’re here for a reason, and we’re here to help.

A helping hand.

When businesses are stretched thin, it often takes a toll on operational needs, yes, but more importantly it takes a toll on people. Too often, organizations like yours have lost resources – talented Sys Admin or support desk personnel – and they weren’t replaced. You are burnt out and feel overworked.

Your MSP needs to step up in a big way, designing your IT to eliminate IT issues and providing the skills, systems, and expertise to put leverage back into your IT operation.

Insights as your competitive edge.

IT executives don’t have a shortage of information; in fact, data is abundant. IT executives have a shortage of insights. You can find a million cookie recipes in a quick Google search, but you don’t have time to bake them all to find out which one really is the best. You need a team that already knows.

The reason there is no simple answer to your IT challenges is because you don’t typically have the operational maturity in your IT systems (i.e., ticketing, RMM, etc.) to understand both what is driving work stoppages and what you can do about them. Our analytics don’t just predict what fails, they predict actual ROI on IT spend.

Are you ready?

Consider Accellis as a partner. We can customize a solution for your company.