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The finance and accounting industries face the unique challenges of maintaining efficient and effective operations often governed by due dates and timelines, all while navigating regulatory requirements and growing threats to cybersecurity. Accellis has proven experience helping organizations in your industry with those essential technology needs. Whether you’re offering investment advisory services, a broker/dealer, or CPA services, we know how important cybersecurity is for SEC (Regulations S-P) and GLBA guidelines to safeguard NPI and other important data. As important as protecting your clients’ information is, so is your ability to meet your client where they are at. That’s why Accellis’s proven methodologies of marrying cybersecurity with cloud-based services, such as Desktop-as-a-Service and Microsoft 365, can be the differentiator between you and your competitors. The daily demands when money is involved needs to be secure, accurate, and reliable. That is where we come in. Refined technology is what you and your clients can expect when you come to Accellis for your financial IT needs. We can provide everything from guiding you to regulatory compliance, managed cybersecurity services, help you avoid data breaches and cybercrime, and keep your information safe. Set up a consultation today and get the tailored services you need to get an intelligent edge.


We turn IT into a utility as reliable and revolutionary as running water or electric power. When you need water or power, do you construct sewage plants or electrical grids? No, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to your IT. 

When you combine expertise with dedication to an exceptional customer experience, you build a foundation for something that can last. World-class technology services, a bodyguard for your IT infrastructure and a consulting partner that helps you grow; this is our mission.

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