Fully Managed Security for firms that can’t afford to take chances.

We deliver 24×7, fully managed protection on all your identities, devices, and data – for the whole organization including personal devices – anywhere in the world. Using cutting edge tools and practices, we provide continuous human alert monitoring, security hardening, incident response, and remediation that is always a step ahead of the bad guys.

Today is a time of unprecedented external threat.

Identity security.

The first tenant of modern cybersecurity is protecting your end-users. Our Managed Security offering protects users with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Conditional Access (CA), Single Sign On (SSO), DNS Protection, Dark Web Credential Monitoring, End-User Phishing & Training, AI-based Email Security (i.e., anti-spam, anti-spear phishing, anti-impersonation, anti-spoofing, domain fraud prevention, etc.) and much more.

Most breaches happen because a user makes a mistake; by using the right systems, automation, and AI, we can prevent the user from being tested in the first place.

Device security.

The second tenant of modern cybersecurity is protecting your devices (think servers, laptops, firewalls, etc.). Our Managed Security offering protects devices with incredibly advanced, yet cost effective, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Security Operations Center (SOC), Extended Detection & Response (XDR), Vulnerability Management (Classic & Modern), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), and more. And this protection covers not just the company’s assets but the employee’s personal devices (BYOD).

Okay, that’s a lot of acronyms. Making things much simpler: 24×7, elite security on all assets no matter where in the world those assets are.

Data security.

The third tenant of modern cybersecurity is protecting your data (think applications, databases, files, etc.). Our Managed Security offering protects your data with industry leading tools and practices such as policy development, penetration testing, tabletop exercises, custom training, hard disk and email encryption, Mobile Application Management, Data Loss Prevention, and much more.

Simply put, we don’t just make it hard to attack your end-users and to get into your devices; if they do get through, we make it even harder to extract your organization’s valuable intellectual property, customer records, PII, and more.

Key Deliverables of Managed Security

Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC is a monitoring and logging software sitting on your devices looking for bad people 24×7. It keeps logs of everything so that if we need to go back, we can understand exactly what did or did not happen and how. Every person at your company is going to get this elite security service running on all their devices (including personal), monitored by human security engineers 24x7x365.

Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

XDR provides an even more comprehensive and holistic view of your organization’s security posture by correlating telemetry from many different sources and using AI to detect and respond to threats in real-time. This includes leading anti-malware for all your users and all their devices (including personal), also monitored by human security engineers 24x7x365

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

In addition to the powerful capabilities of SOC+XDR, we get enhanced power, control, and telemetry with powerful, agentless antivirus and EDR. Setup and curated by our expert team, if one of your machines does get infected, even in the middle of the night, we can bring it offline and isolate it to prevent the spread of ransomware or anything else for that matter.

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DNS Protection

Back in the day, all your employees trudged in to work and worked behind your four walls on a device you gave them… which was protected by your firewall. The firewall blocked malicious content, links, etc. and did content filtering (i.e., you can’t go to a porn site). DNS Protection extends these same capabilities to all users and all devices no matter where in the world they are working.

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End-User Phishing & Training Campaigns

Fully managed spear phishing campaigns designed to test the knowledge, whit, and attention to detail of your end-users. We all know that the difference between a successful and failed attack in SMB almost always comes down to the company’s own staff. We help you build a culture of security that employees take back home into their personal lives.

Vulnerability Management

We provide both Classic VM, where we point scanners at your offices and run internal & external scans to find weaknesses, and Modern VM, where we can do the exact same thing but for all devices that aren’t actually at one of those offices when the classic scanner is running.

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Continuous Dark Web Credential Monitoring

We monitor all your email accounts (and, for C-level, personal accounts) so that once they are breached and begin to be sold on the Dark Web, we know about it, and work with you to proactively change the password before it is used against you.

Identity Protection

Put simply, prior to onboarding, we will get you up to speed with your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Conditional Access (CA), and Single Sign On (SSO). These tools allow you to have one account with superb security and to use that account to secure all your other accounts by proxy. Costless, this is one of the greatest ROI’s you can earn.

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Device Protection

Using Microsoft Intune, we setup the basics of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) which is a combination of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). What does it all mean? It means we can do everything your server can do for you while you work at the office, but now we can do it anywhere in the world.

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Alert Monitoring, Incident Response, and Event Remediation

At the end of the day, you know you need someone to actually look at all the alerts your current (and possibly new) security tools create. You also just want to be sure that if something does go wrong, you have an expert security team that knows right away and can do something about it. You don’t want to have to start finding a vendor during an attack; you want the vendor in place today. That’s a key point of Managed Security.

Monthly Systems Hardening, Real-Time Analytics, and Reporting

It’s great to know you have the best team, tools, and security practices being employed to keep your people, devices, information, and reputation safe, but you also recognize that it should be proved with live dashboards and monthly reporting written in plain language. You also recognize that the primary objective of Managed Security is to work — to successfully prevent an attack — and to do that, your security vendor must use the calm before the storm to continuously strengthen the city’s defenses.

We’re in this with you.

We deliver 24×7, fully managed protection on all your identities, devices, and data – for the whole organization including personal devices – anywhere in the world. Using cutting edge tools and practices, we provide continuous human alert monitoring, security hardening, incident response, and remediation that is always a step ahead of the bad guys.

Stop double-spending on security.

Most organizations already own most of the tooling needed to execute this advanced security program on their existing Microsoft 365 license, only they don’t know they have these tools and they haven’t deployed them. Worse, many organizations also sign with a security vendor that sells them the same tools again, just from different vendors (i.e., Sophos, BitDefender, Symantec, DUO, Cisco Umbrella, AirWatch, etc.).

In short, they pay thousands of dollars per month for inferior copies of what they already own. Hard to believe? Give us a call and we’ll show you.

    Be in the driver seat, not the trunk.

    By utilizing Accellis’ Managed Security offering, which is powered almost entirely with tools you already own in your Microsoft 365 tenant, you are the boss not the lackey. If you’re unhappy with our service, there is no expensive conversion of tools and data from us to another provider. You own these tools, not us, so you don’t have to ask us for the keys… they are your keys, just hand them to a different Microsoft Gold partner.

    Supportable, sweeping, and sustainable.

    Supportable means the program is comprehensible not just to Accellis but to your internal IT team, too (if you have one). It means fewer panes of glass, subscriptions, vendors, and APIs, which lowers costs and risk. It means if you want to hire internally, you can look at internationally recognized standards and competencies such as MS-100, MS-500, etc. to know who can work with it.

    Sweeping means it covers all users, devices, data, systems, applications, and behaviors spanning on-premises, remote-only, and hybrid workers, regardless where or when people work, and regardless of the device OS or who owns it. As new assets are added to your environment, coverage is automatically extended without the need for you or IT to do something.

    Sustainable means it makes use of your existing investments in IT and personnel, it eliminates redundant vendors, solutions, hardware, and subscriptions, and net-new spending is purpose-driven and judiciously added. It means you have a predictable and scalable security program that you can understand on a per-user, per-site, per-business unit cost center basis.

    Zero-trust security on all your IT, 24×7, 100% of the time. Get started, today.

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      Accellis eliminates the chaos of IT security so you can focus on business growth while resting easy, knowing your IT is always on and always secure. Contact us today to customize your own Managed Security solution.