Fully mission focused, just like your organization.

When you lead the way, the last thing you want is to constantly worry about aging tech infrastructure and security protocols. It seems like the larger your organization grows, the more protection you need. Let Accellis empower your nonprofit or government agency with reliable and secure IT systems.

Proactive solutions
to meet your industry’s demands.

We provide on-the-go secure and dependable services to protect confidential information and the security of your users by using our cutting-edge tools and institutional background. In any meeting, from anywhere.

Focus on your community, feel confident in your tech MSP.

Public accountability, showing transparency, securing data… it can be a lot to handle.  At Accellis, our programs can be full-scale or partially managed, and scale with organization as needed.

Ensure everyone on your team is at their best

Nonprofits and Government organizations attract employees that truly believe in your primary driver.  Sometimes that drive spans generations, and their tech needs can vary widely.  Accellis can help digitally transform your IT infrastructure to keep everyone running at their best.

Partnering up, for a brighter future.

We are aware of the serious challenges you face every day. Using AI to actively reduce risks can proactively resolve situations before they have a chance to interfere with your already heavy workload. Keeping your team nimble and concentrated on the business rather than technology-related woes.

Secure solutions & support



Expansive Detection & Response

24/7 monitoring, endpoint security, phishing and threat protection when you need it.



Complete Management

Fewer IT problems and faster resolution for an almost seamless technology partnership.



Secure End-User Services

Fully encrypted support anywhere you go, remote or on-site, around-the-clock.



Cloud based technology

We take a proactive approach to our services covering all the bases from monitoring to mitigation.

Not all heroes wear capes.

You’re out there every day for the cause.  Accellis would be proud to be the Alfred to your Batman.