Desktops were meant to be, well, desktops.

The days of logging into a virtual desktop from your physical desktop are over.

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We’re creating a smooth IT user experience by making your desktop capable of all your work.

Imagine this: you have a laptop with a dock at home and a dock at work. You don’t need a VPN, virtual desktop, or remote access software. You just open your lid and get to work. If you don’t have your laptop with you, your phone or tablet is capable of bridging the gap. That’s a simple UX.

No more servers.

If we want your laptop to be capable of getting all your work done, no matter where you are, all without a VPN or separate virtual desktop, then we start by getting rid of 100% of your servers. And we really will. Never buy another server again.

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No more VPNs.

VPNs help you get to your server. Typically, this is so you can either access work files, applications, or a virtual desktop. You won’t be needing one of these anymore.

All your stuff.

All in one place. It’s really that simple. And because sometimes humans like making things more complex, we can offer you this as well: if you really do want a second device, we can hand you a second laptop which is always identical to your first one and is always up to date with your latest work.

Brilliant Idea

Leading-edge, simple IT from our four UX pillars.

One Login

We need to make this really easy for users. They have one login (M365 account) and they use it to get into not just the device but into all their applications (through Single Sign On). We put strong security on this one identity account, thereby securing all the others by proxy.

Onboard Security

You need uncompromising security for the end-user, but you need it to work autonomously in the background keeping them safe from their own mistakes and a world that’s out to get them. How? We put (this is about to get jargon-y, sorry) world-class A/V, EDR, and SOC on all their devices.

Prime Performance

Once you stop paying for all those servers, you have freed up significant capital to invest in the UX for end-users; it’s time for nice hardware. Use this opportunity to treat end-users with leading i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Hello biometric camera, and touch-screen displays.

99/66 Rule

With our proprietary event orchestration platform, we provide continuous maintenance, patching, self-healing, and device optimizations for users without anyone being any the wise. The result is a beautiful 99.9% SLA on all your stuff and a decrease in IT support tickets by 66%, our 99/66 rule.

Meet Your UX Architects

Our subject matter experts have met with world-renown experts in IT, security, and AI to build this handcrafted user experience that your end-users will love.

Joseph S. Marquette

President & Founder

Managed IT Services Cleveland

Michael O’Neill

Director of Sales

Automated device deployment.

End-users benefit from having all their apps, data, documents, and settings all in one place and streamed to the cloud for secure backup. When it’s time for a new laptop, just ship a new one directly to their house. They’ll unbox it, sign in with M365 username and password, and all the apps, data, documents, and settings will quickly restore themselves via Autopilot device deployment. Back to work in < 15 minutes.

    Serious end-user security.

    All end-user devices are fully managed 24×7 and include cloud-gen antivirus, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Security Operations Center (SOC), Vulnerability Management (VM), DNS Protection, Dark Web Credential Monitoring, and more. And their protection doesn’t just cover the laptop, it covers their personal devices, second/additional work laptops, and mobile devices.

    Enhanced IT through information science.

    Utilizing analytics across thousands of machines and end-users, millions of IT incident tickets, and tens of millions of machine events, we are able to predict with accuracy how many tickets you will open each month, what users and sites are likely to be affected, what you can do about it, and how to turn this into an opportunity for big time ROI.

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