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When it comes to Retail IT and top-notch experience, Accellis is your match. We are trained professionals with multiple years’ experience that can ensure custom IT solutions for all your day to day business. Infrastructure, network, server, and security solutions, as well as helpdesk services, are around the clock.  Any potential threats can be caught and managed when you put your trust in Accellis. We have an entire Information Technology team with different backgrounds and training that can bring knowledge to the hardest of technology concerns and issues. Regardless of the problem, we have the solutions.


Your in-store and e-commerce experiences are powered by a lot of modern and antiquated information systems. A single thread, however, runs throughout: an IT partner that has the subject matter expertise to deliver your core services from Sunday through Saturday. When you combine expertise with dedication to an exceptional customer experience, you build a foundation for something that can last. World-class technology services, a bodyguard for your IT infrastructure and a partner that helps you grow; this is our mission.

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