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Managed IT Services Unlimited

Our automated, proactive, Managed IT Service is a watchdog for the security and reliability of your technology 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With real-time resolution, we often fix problems before you even know about them. Our program collects and analyzes incident, security and performance data identifying root causes and preventing new problems. Plans are right-sized and may include:

  • 24×7 monitoring, alerting and reporting combined with unlimited remote and onsite support
  • Automated preventative maintenance, self-healing scripts, Windows Updates and third-party patching
  • Management of all workstations, servers, firewalls, routers, switches, BDR, cloud services and applications
  • Dedicated Account Manager and related vCIO services, Procurement & Accounting Team, Central Services Team, Systems Architect, Director of Cybersecurity (annual CISSP consulting) and Director of Client Services
  • Client portal with access to all tickets, projects, invoices and reports, combined with Brightgauge analytics dashboards with deep drill-down capabilities

You focus on your core business. We’ll keep you working. Contact us to learn how.

Other Managed Services

Accellis vCIO

Hiring tech staff can be expensive and difficult. Let Accellis be your vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) and get a highly qualified and experienced strategic partner on speed-dial. You’ll transform IT from a sunk cost and source of stress to a high-return investment that brings peace of mind.

Patch Management

With so many different kinds of technology today, patch management is more important than ever – and more time consuming. We automate the delivery of Windows Updates and third-party patching so you can focus on doing things that matter rather than babysitting your WSUS.


Our XaaS program (or “Anything-as-a-Service”) allows you to turn anything into a monthly service – hardware, software, implementation services, even office build outs. This provides you with the benefits that come with converting CapEx investments into OpEx. Transform your IT into fully elastic resources today.

Learn About Our ITSM Offering

Combined with patch management, our ITSM program gives you turnkey delivery of a fully deployed SaaS ticketing system available from any device that includes custom setup of boards, types, sub-types, items, resources & teams, time tracking, ticket analysis, reporting and knowledge base. You’ll have full transparency into all aspects of your business, including understanding root problems and knowing where to focus your time. PSA, RMM, patching, and analytics – all priced with a simple per user fee. This is operational maturity as a service.

Why Accellis

We turn IT into a utility as reliable and revolutionary as electric power and running water. When you turn a faucet or a lamp on, they just work. When they do, they are transformative. This is what we do with IT.

When you combine expertise with dedication to an exceptional customer experience, you build a foundation for something that can last. World-class technology services, a bodyguard for your IT infrastructure and a partner that helps you grow; this is our mission.

Our project was a tremendous success, and that is, in no small part, due to the assistance that we received from Accellis ... The fact that we were able to accomplish this at minimal cost, and to do so with confidence, supported remotely through the planning phases and onsite at the time of conversion by Accellis, is a continuing source of satisfaction to me professionally. The taxpayers of the City of Milwaukee will never be aware of the savings and operational improvements that were achieved on their behalf, and that is exactly how it should be.
It is a real pleasure to work with Accellis and their highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff. They find and provide cost effective technical solutions to our business needs. Their quick response to address any technical problems that may arise shows their dedication and com


A technical audit of your on-prem, cloud, and security infrastructure.