Mr. Bear


10 years ago, Accellis met with Mr. Bear and was unbearably impressed by his koalafications as a salesman. A recent graduate of U.C. Bearkley, he could not bear his excitement to join the Accellis Team. He is responsible for our Wildfire Prevention Division and has been a great help building this company up with his bear hands. Prior to Accellis, he took part in a brief cameo feature for “Planet Earth II” and spent a season on tour opening for the Bear Naked Ladies. He now serves as the leading salesman for all Bearaccuda™ products.

Mr. Bear’s favorite holiday is hibernation season, which he kicks off with a celebratory feast of Wild Alaskan Salmon and copious amounts of fresh honey that he collects as a beekeeper. Mr. Bear is a strong advocate for the World Wildlife Foundation and believes cybersecurity is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving our planet.

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