Kathy Peters

During the past 29 years in this business, I can honestly say that I have more confidence in Accellis than anyone else I have worked with. Our last IT person had us using pieces-parts computers. Now, we are all using state-of-the-art Dell computers. Since we began working together, your consultants have proven that they are […]

Leslie Detmayer

Accellis is fabulous to work with! Everyone at Accellis is very professional, knowledgeable, polite, helpful and above all, they are always available to answer any questions or fix any issues at any time, day or night. Our firm has truly benefited from all of the improvements that they have made to our computer network over […]

Michelle Panik

In 2010, the growth of MSI dictated the need for servers and software. Through a mutual IT friend, MSI was referred to Accellis Technology Group. Accellis was instrumental in getting MSI to the next level and our relationship has been strong since. Computers and connectivity are our lifeline. They are vital to our processes. Though […]

Victor Reyes

It is a real pleasure to work with Accellis and their highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff. They find and provide cost effective technical solutions to our business needs. Their quick response to address any technical problems that may arise shows their dedication and commitment to help us keep our business operations working smoothly. I […]

Daniel J. Kruzer

Accellis has taken all of the normal IT tasks, server maintenance, support, etc…, and made it all worry free. After I met a few of the techs and started dealing with them, I ceased to have any concerns about our IT environment, because I know that they’re there watching over it all for me. Accellis […]

Bob Jorin

Our project was a tremendous success, and that is, in no small part, due to the assistance that we received from Accellis … The fact that we were able to accomplish this at minimal cost, and to do so with confidence, supported remotely through the planning phases and onsite at the time of conversion by […]

James Lowe

I am continually pleased and impressed by the immediacy of the response I get from Accellis and the technical quality of the assistance provided. Thank you.

Victoria E. Schafer

Within the past month one of our computers was hit with a very dangerous virus and thanks to the Accellis team they were able to quickly shut our system down and immediately isolate the computer from accessing the server. If they had not done that quickly every file on our server would have been corrupted […]

Mari Landino

I would definitely recommend Accellis for a number of reasons, but there are two that stand out. The first is that you can always get through to speak to technician at the Help Desk. There is never a time when we have had to leave a message on a voice message system. Second, and just […]

Deborah A. Chack

Just want to thank you so much for your help on Monday. We got up and running without a hitch. You guys always go the extra mile for us and it is very much appreciated.