Take your business technology to the next level – boost your IT Maturity Model today.

With the right business technology solutions, our clients can raise their IT maturity model, giving them the ability to compete in the big leagues. The five levels of Accellis’ Technology Maturity Level (TML) system are Beginning, Emerging, Scaling, Optimizing, and Innovating; which level are you? This is an essential question you need to answer because companies with high maturity consistently outperform their peers.

IT Maturity Model

Recipe for a scalable, innovative company.

Adopt standards

We help you define, document, and roll out IT standardization and compliance standards with full C-level support.

Adopt SaaS

We help you adopt and leverage critical SaaS-based line of business applications which create metrics that drive change.

Change requests

We assist companies in documenting change requests and create standards around requests to increase strategic alignment.

Service management

We help you develop manpower and capacity planning, SLA/OLA reporting, and automation capabilities.

IT budgeting

We develop an IT budget and find your unique level of IT expenditure as a percent of operating budget to maximize tech ROI.

Value creation

We integrate IT to support value creation across product & service development, marketing, and delivery.

IT leadership

We help your internal team move from being tactical, day-to-day firefighters and doers to strategic planners and innovation architects.

Strategic execution

We help you bridge the gap between Technology Strategy and Business Strategy with Digital Strategy.

Skills building

We help you develop a formal tech training program that includes ongoing training tailored to continuiously measured skills.

New opportunities

We help you unlock improved client retention, revenue growth in existing lines, and creation of new IT-powered lines.

Operational efficiency

We develop formal SLA/OLA aligned to function-specific uptime, fulfillment, and resolution commitments.

Financial results

We help you continuously measure tech ROI and impact, delivering financial results that exceed your budget forecast.

It feels like magic, but it’s not.

A well-run company.

It can seem like companies in a strong financial position have all the luck; they have great customers, great employees, great services, and great EBITDA. If you dig deeper, though, these companies are outperforming their peers because they have higher technology (and, more broadly, operational) maturity. We help companies like yours ascertain your TML and then increase it, daily.

Free your cognitive RAM.

We help companies at all Technology Maturity Levels free up the mental and operational resources to start working on, not in, the business. A clear, data-driven IT strategy is the first step you can take to start changing IT and financial outcomes. Get a great IT plan, executed by a great partner in IT, and you are on your way to better business results, quick.

High TML companies ask good questions.

Are there emerging trends in your industry that can disrupt your business and, if yes, how are you responding? Do you have the right team in place to drive the company forward? What are the most important leading indicators you use to gauge business health? Do all employees have a KPI you review weekly? What are your top labor and payroll intensive tasks that you hope to automate in the next 12 months? If your IT company isn’t asking you these questions regularly, it’s time to ask yourself if you need a new provider.

business IT Maturity model

Are you ready to improve your IT maturity model?

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