Azure, M365, Power Platform, Dynamics, OpenAI… get your cloud services, today.

Accellis has been providing cloud services, as well as the design, installation, training, and maintenance of IT infrastructures to hundreds of enterprises over the course of more than twenty years.

We develop bespoke business cloud solutions by making use of the most effective tools and procedures currently available across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments.

This encompasses all available service iterations, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. To put it another way, we have more than a passing familiarity with cloud computing services.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Cloud services are the business of the future.

Better… well, everything.

The Microsoft Cloud boosts company productivity, collaboration, security, and manageability. Dollar for dollar, it costs less and provides more than building something similar onsite at your office. It also solves critical modern workplace challenges, enabling employees to collaborate easily from anywhere, making not just your office but the whole world your common workspace.

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microsoft cloud

Modern, zero-trust security.

By putting your resources in the cloud, you can enable a truly zero-trust security framework at your company. What is zero-trust? Back in the day, the security paradigm was “trust, but verify”; a user asks for access to something, we give it to them, then we circle back and ask, “Hey, you are who you say you are, right?” With zero-trust, the user has to prove themselves before we give them access.

Digital transformation.

Most midsized MSPs, including Accellis, are all capable of doing the routine tasks associated with IT administration, but your business requires more than this. Today, different generations have different preferences, which is changing team dynamics and culture. Being the best requires recruiting the best, so your question isn’t “either remote or onsite work” it’s “both remote and onsite work”. To transform into a digital-age company, Accellis needs to help you make work something people do, not just a place they go. This unleashes the pent-up capacity at your company to re-imagine your products and services, workplace culture, and customer experiences.

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Gold Certified in Microsoft Cloud means you will be working with only the best of the best.

Azure IaaS

IaaS means “infrastructure as a service”. This is where Accellis migrates all your on-premises hosted servers, including applications and files, into Azure where you will get far superior results and ROI. This is entry-level cloud work but meaningful for firms that aren’t ready for a full transformation (typically, those who have old applications they can’t upgrade to a SaaS version yet).

Azure PaaS

PaaS means “platform as a service”. This is where Accellis migrates some of your on-premises resources not just to cloud servers (i.e., IaaS) but also modernizes them so that neither you nor us need to manage the operating system, backups, etc. Put very simply, this is MORE cloud than IaaS, meaning better results and ROI. Only certain server workloads can make this jump from IaaS to PaaS.

Azure SaaS

SaaS means “software as a service”. This is where Accellis migrates some of your on-premises resources not just to cloud servers (i.e., IaaS) or cloud platforms (i.e., PaaS) but also further modernizes them so that neither you nor us need to manage anything other than just the data itself. And that’s it. Put very simply, this is MORE cloud than even PaaS and it’s superior because it works better and, properly understood, costs less.

Azure AD Domain Services

This is going to get technical quickly. Sorry. Put simply, we are adept at utilizing the Azure Active Directory Domain Services (yes, there’s an acronym for that too: AADDS) PaaS suite to modernize your identity management in certain key contexts.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Many firms rely on a very outdated VDI or “virtual desktop infrastructure”; you may recognize terms such as Remote Desktop, RDS, Terminal Server, Citrix Server, etc. These fail in today’s world because you can’t use SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc. Put simply, AVD solves all these problems. Built in the modern era, for the modern era.

Azure Files

Azure Files is a very modern way to handle your company’s files. Instead of taking your old school file server to an Azure-hosted server (i.e., IaaS), we can move it to Azure Files (i.e., which is a PaaS service). Limits, sometimes severe ones, apply, so contact us to learn if this solution is right for you.

Exchange Online

With hundreds of spotless migrations under our belt, we can help you get off your traditional Exchange Server or other email platform (i.e., Google, POP, IMAP, etc.) with a clean copy of your mail, contacts, and calendars while helping you sort through more difficult questions like licensing, mail archiving, frontline vs. information workers, and more.

Office Apps

Full mastery of the Office stack of tools, including expertly guiding your upgrade from old OEM or Open Value version like Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, etc., to providing training, and minimizing any impact to your bandwidth while users download the new subscription service.

Microsoft Teams

End-to-end deployment of Microsoft Teams and Teams Phones for your organization to help you modernize how you collaborate in hybrid work environments and how you interact and delight your customers.

SharePoint Online

Full document migrations to this cloud file storage powerhouse, including using hub and spoke builds (more simply, doing it right), building out intranet, helping you communicate across teams effectively, and building the proper permissions structure.

OneDrive for Business

Deployment and training of this critical tool for end-users. Each user gets at least 1TB of free personal document storage, and this service is made to backup desktop files. Make sure you use it and that your team gets the training so they use it right.

Defender for Endpoint

Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Business are critical free entitlements on most professional licenses. We help you use this sophisticated, agentless antivirus and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) to secure all users and all devices, even BYOD.

Azure Active Directory

We are experts in utilizing Azure AD, both free and Premium 1 or Premium 2, to modernize your identity management. Put simply, your server used to do this but can’t anymore, so now we need to move this over to the cloud. This is the bedrock of your modern IT ecosystem and enables you to never need to buy another server.

Microsoft Intune

Device management is another thing your server used to do but now it can’t; Intune is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool that combines Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), and it solves this critical problem. If Intune isn’t on your strategic roadmap, you need to reconsider your IT partner.

Windows Autopilot

You’ll probably have no problem recalling your own painful new device/new user setup process… Imagine this: Accellis automates this entire process with 99% fidelity in the result and labor savings of 85% per deployment. Between procurement, manual setup, and failure demand, what took weeks now takes < 15 minutes.

Single Sign On (SSO)

We can setup your Microsoft 365 account to be used to login to your laptop and all your apps, including even third-party apps you may use for CRM, documents, accounting, and more. Once in place, with strong security around your M365 account, everything else is secured by proxy. And now you have a dozen fewer passwords to memorize.

Multi-Factor Auth (MFA)

We setup your Microsoft 365 account to require you to accept a push notification on your phone in addition to entering the password each time you login from a new device. This simple feature stops 99.99% of account takeovers, according to Microsoft. You may not know, however, that it can be bypassed by users if not setup right.

Conditional Access (CA)

In addition to requiring MFA and using SSO to get the best security and management results, you should have CA setup so block logins from antagonist geographies like China, Russia, Iran, etc. and to block certain behaviors such as atypical travel (which is where “you” login from Cleveland at 11am ET and from San Francisco at 11:15am ET).

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP allows you to block certain kinds of prohibited communications at your company. This is key to maintaining compliance in a lot of scenarios. For instance, once setup, if your end-user tries sending an SSN via email, DLP can block the message from being sent or ask the user to justify the request and send that justification request to an admin for approval.

Office Message Encryption (OME)

Did you know your professional Microsoft 365 license includes the ability to send an encrypted email? You can also prevent the recipient from printing or forwarding that message. This needs to be setup and users should be trained on when and how to use it. Note that without true email encryption, other messages you send via M365 go right over the air and are unprotected.

Windows 10/11 Pro & Ent (as a Service)

We are certified Windows experts meaning, whether you are on Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise, we can help you make use of all the critical security and management features such as AppV, UEV, Windows Information Protection, and more. The as a service element here is key; on the right license, you’ll always be guaranteed to be on the latest version and patches.

Power Platform

Work with our consultants and our partner network to leverage Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents to dramatically expand your technological capabilities and to uncover hidden insights using data science.

Dynamics 365

Our consultants and partners help you assess and implement Dynamics 365, a portfolio of intelligent business applications to deliver operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences, enabling you to transform your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Azure Cognitive Services, our consultants and partner network helps companies like you discover, test, and implement AI to automate and innovate your products and services using the Vision, Speech, Language, Decision, and OpenAI Service APIs.

And more… a lot more

We could go on and on. Putting it simply, we are experts not just in the basic Azure/Microsoft 365 functionality, but in all of it. From Information Protection to Cloud App Security to Compliance Assessments to Backup & Disaster Recovery to Low-Code Applications… and beyond. We have implemented these tools for dozens if not hundreds of organizations like you, and we have the utmost confidence that we’re the right partner to kick off your digital transformation.

We’re in this with you.

As a true partner, dedicated to building you an IT infrastructure that thrives in the digital age with cloud computing services.

Why trust Accellis to build your custom cloud services?

Technology is changing business models, cultures, and economies at an unprecedented pace. Businesses once knew their top rivals. They understood who to beat to lead the market. Digital transformation, however, is blurring industry borders, making it tougher to know who exactly you’re up against. The cloud was created in part to counter these global headwinds; done right, it is a great equalizer, enabling SMB to compete is a world economy dominated by giant companies, oligopolies, and state-run enterprises.

Against that backdrop, we now consider the old digital estate, which was pretty straightforward. Between 9am and 5pm, your staff used one gadget and operating system behind your four walls. The new digital estate, however, has the same individuals on different devices and operating systems, all across the nation, working at all hours, on devices you frequently don’t even own. Now add that generational preferences are diverse, and people are demanding more from their IT tools before ever thinking about joining your company.

Accellis understands these key macro and micro trends in IT and is the right partner to help you not just survive but thrive in the digital age.

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We were founded for this very reason.

Accellis has designed technological infrastructure for every purpose for 20 years. From physical hosts to virtual machines to SANs and beyond, we help you develop a system that works well, is cost-effective, and leverages the latest technologies. We’ll help you choose, build, and execute business-growing technologies for physical infrastructure, cloud, or hybrid cloud.

We know every trade secret. When is staying onsite cheaper? When is public cloud cheaper and why? What are the trade-offs? How do I handle GDPR? How can I integrate AI into my business apps? Can Microsoft fund some or all of my project (yes)? How do I solve modern workplace challenges? How do I increase IT maturity to achieve superior returns on investment?

Are you ready to upgrade to cloud services?

Consider Accellis as a partner. We can customize a solution for your company.