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Founded in 2001, Accellis has grown to 40 fulltime employees primarily through word of mouth and referrals. With legendary service, the best tools and education, and 25+ industry awards including Best Tech Services Company, we have a proven formula for generating elite IT and IT support outcomes.

We understand at the end of the day you just want to know your investment in IT is making a difference. That’s why we’re here.

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Meet Your Accellis Leadership Team

The committed IT specialists that make up Accellis Technology Group collaborate as a team to provide our partners with great service. Our staff handles issues with a keen sense of empathy, ensuring that our customers’ end users can carry out the daily tasks necessary for success.

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Joseph S. Marquette

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Accellis Technology Group, my journey has been driven by the goal of fostering a team culture that thrives on innovation and excellence. At Accellis, we’re not just a team but a community of A-players, constantly challenging ourselves to create new and better solutions for our clients and our industry.

Our success is rooted in a shared commitment to having a positive impact on the communities we serve, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, and staying ahead of the technological curve. My educational background from the University of Illinois laid the foundation, but it’s the collective wisdom and drive of our team that propels Accellis forward.

Looking ahead, my vision for Accellis includes expanding our geographic footprint, diversifying our service offerings, and continuing to surround ourselves with individuals who are not only smart and passionate but also dedicated to our mission of excellence. We believe in continuous improvement – what we are today is a step ahead of where we were six months ago, and six months from now, we’ll be even stronger. Join us on this journey as we redefine the standard in professional IT services.

Brian Guscott

Chief Operating Officer

I’m Brian Guscott, the COO at Accellis. For nearly the last 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to help many different organizations implement, maintain, and optimize their technology solutions, from hardware and software to networks and security.

Because technology affects all aspects of business, I’ve witnessed how it can help various sectors and fields. I’m passionate about the intersection of technology, people, and processes that combine and interact to create amazing solutions that enhance outcomes and results for clients, their workers, and their stakeholders. I think that technology is not just a tool, but a driver of innovation and change.

With a mindset of continual improvement, I work with the rest of the Accellis team to drive our own operational maturity, facilitate the development of emerging technologies, and deliver exceptional value to our clients, communities, and people.

Abbey DeWitt

Chief Experience Officer

I’m Abbey DeWitt, the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Accellis. With a profound dedication to fostering both teams and culture, I thrive in collaborative environments that push me to evolve personally and professionally. My journey into technology began in education, where I learned to empower individuals and organizations through learning and accountability. This experience ignited my passion for leveraging technology to propel businesses towards their objectives, enhancing efficiency and profitability.

At Accellis, I’m driven by our mission to positively impact the communities we serve. Whether through innovative tech solutions or community engagement, I believe our actions should resonate beyond Accellis. I relish opportunities to connect with individuals who challenge conventional thinking, fostering creativity and transformative ideas. Together, let’s harness technology to unlock your business’s full potential and leave a lasting, positive mark on the world.

Michael O’Neill

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales at Accellis since 2010, I lead our revenue growth efforts across all channels. My strategy focuses on aligning the financial success of our clients with our own. I do this by building products and services our clients need and love, finding and nurturing great partnerships, and making sure the new clients we bring on make our company and our existing clients stronger.

My educational background includes a B.A. in Political Science from The University of Akron and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Cuyahoga Community College. I also hold technical certifications in Microsoft 365, Azure, and Azure AI.

Brandon Bergum


As the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), I partner with our clients to design their technology strategies, creating customized Technology Roadmaps and IT Budgets that align with both IT and business needs. Working closely with Technical Account Managers, I also ensure the effective implementation of these strategies. I am deeply committed to customer advocacy, and I am driven by the strong relationships I have built over the years.

Before its merger with Accellis, I was at President at Trustpoint Technologies. I bring over twenty years of experience in technology consulting as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Kent State University.

“It is a real pleasure to work with Accellis and their highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff. They find cost effective technical solutions to our business needs. Their quick response shows their dedication and commitment to help us keep our business operations working smoothly. I highly recommend their technical services.”

Victor R. | IT Director

“Our project was a tremendous success. The taxpayers of the City of Milwaukee will never be aware of the savings and operational improvements that were achieved on their behalf, and that is exactly how it should be!”

Bob J. | City Official

When work & play collide it sparks brilliance and at Accellis we love to have fun when we step away from our computers!

“We’ve grown to appreciate Accellis not as a typical vendor or service provider, but truly a partner in our practice. I trust them completely. Bottom line for me is that our success can be directly linked to the work Accellis has done.”

Jay C. | Legal Professional

“I am writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work on the Security & Risk Assessment. Your expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable. As a result of your work and recommendations, we passed our recent audit with flying colors. Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your contributions.”

Anastasia S. | Human Resources

Giving Back to the Community with Advanced Technology

Accellis has been working with the Cleveland Boys Hope Girls Hope all year to provide educational programs on technology, cybersecurity, and digital citizenship to teens. Our staff volunteers their time each week providing hands on education preparing them for entry in the workforce. Accellis also provides students access to the ClipTraining system, giving them a vast knowledge base of training in Microsoft Business Applications to help better prepare them for success in the future. Accellis is not your average IT company – it’s a team comprised of dedicated, caring and compassionate individuals who take pride in everything they do.

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