Next-Level IT Solutions for Law Firms & Advisory Firms

We’ve been the MSP of choice for top law firms, and we know attorneys have been underserved in tech for years. Our comprehensive IT solutions for law firms were built to change that – by empowering your legal team with more secure, reliable & resilient IT systems.

IT solutions for law firms Cleveland

Boost Production.

Mitigate Risk.

Meet Compliance.

A lack of flexible technology robs resources from your already demanding daily schedule, and can impact the essence of your firm. Let’s change that.

IT solutions for lawyers in Cleveland

Gain clarity to develop your strategic vision.

We offer full-scale or partial management options, that scale with your firm painlessly and effortlessly as it grows. Take a break from the digital noise, without giving up genuine control or spending a fortune by expanding our in-house IT capabilities with Accellis.

legal IT Services

Fully protect your sensitive data, your clients, and your reputation.

It’s crucial that your systems are designed and managed to be safe, dependable, and resilient in an industry as strictly regulated as yours. Never fear, Accellis is here. Offering you a seamless end-to-end IT experience so you can focus on the next big case.

legal IT solutions for law firms

Rest assured, with a dedicated tech partner.

We know the stakes are high every day for today’s law firms. Proactively mitigating risk by leveraging AI, allows us to preemptively tackle issues before they ruin your already busy day. Resulting in faster fixes and less recurring issues, making your team agile to focus on the business, not the technology problem.

Secure legal IT solutions & support.

Expansive Detection & Response

24/7 monitoring, endpoint security, phishing and threat protection when you need it.

Secure End-User Services

Fully encrypted support anywhere you go, remote or on-site, around-the-clock.

System… Managed

Fewer IT problems and faster resolution for an almost seamless technology partnership.

Sensitive Data Protected

We take a proactive approach to cybersecurity covering all the bases from monitoring to risk-scoring.

IT solutions for Law firms


Smooth operations, satisfied clients, minimal tech issues… bottom line is you could always use a hand, and at Accellis, we’re here for you around the clock.