Next-Level IT Solutions for Government & Non-Profits

Accellis brings IT solutions for government and non-profit IT services up a notch. We can assist your organization by setting up a safe and trustworthy data management and storage systems. This results in enhanced data security and accessibility.

IT solutions for government Cleveland

A government IT services partner for the greater good.

Government and nonprofit organizations will continue to function in the case of a catastrophe with the help of our experienced team. Not only that, but we can also help with remote work solutions and disaster recovery preparation. You’re in the business of helping those in need. We’re in the business to make that easier.

Non-profit IT services

We focus on your tech, so you can focus on your community.

Governments and nonprofit organizations may benefit from IT services to automate repetitive work and simplify operations, which can boost productivity and efficiency. At Accellis, our programs can be full-scale or partially managed, and scale with organization as needed.

Government IT Services

With improved security, we ensure everyone on your team is at their best.

We help governments and non-profit organizations protect sensitive information and make it more accessible to authorized users, which can improve decision-making and accountability.

IT solutions for government

Partnering up to increase clarity & synergy.

Accellis helps governments and non-profit organizations communicate more effectively with their stakeholders, whether it be employees, partners, or the public, which can lead to better collaboration and more effective service delivery. We can help digitally transform your IT infrastructure to keep everyone running at their best.

The IT solutions government & non-profits need.

Extended Detection & Response

24/7 incident response, endpoint security, and email phishing protection.

Flexible Support

Accellis will suppor your remote and on-site IT locations to promote your digital transformation.

Hardware at the ready

Hardware upgrades shouldn’t have to be work. Let us keep you updated.

Non-profit IT solutions Cleveland

Are you ready?

You’re out there every day for the cause. Accellis would be proud to be the Alfred to your Batman.