Contacting Support

If you are experiencing a critical/emergency issue during normal business hours, please call 216-662-3200 x1.



Send Email to:

Once you email support, a ticket will automatically be generated and you will receive an email confirmation.

Please include the following information in your email to support:

  • Description of the issue on the subject line.
  • Details of the issue in the body of the email.
    • Impact of issue (one, few or all users)
    • When did the problem begin?
    • Has Accellis worked on this issue before? What was the ticket number?
    • Are there screenshots available of the error that would be helpful?
    • Anything you have tried to resolve the issue.
    • Any time constraints important to the resolution of this issue or request


(Emergency/Standard Priority ticket)

During Business Hours

(7am-7pm Monday-Friday)

  • Call 216-662-3200 
  • Select Option 1  to report a companywide outage.
  • Select Option 2 for standard support options. Please leave a voicemail to open a support ticket.

After Business Hours

(7pm-11pm Monday-Friday, 8-5 Saturday & Sunday)

  • Call 216-662-3200 for after hour support.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Your call will be routed to our on-call voicemail, if you leave a voicemail, you will receive a call back. This work will be subject to after hour charges.

Please include the following information with the on-call technician voicemail:

  • Your name
  • The company you are calling from
  • A brief description of the issue & deadlines related to the issue
  • The best call back number to reach you
  • Note – Voicemails left in the general support mailbox outside of business hours will not be responded to until the next business day.


(Real Time Support)

During Business Hours

(7am-7pm Monday-Friday)

Use the Accellis Icon on your desktop to access Accellis chat. Or click the button below.

  • Select a chat with Accellis Connect
  • Enter Name, email address and a summary of the issue. Start Chatting.
  • The entire chat will be documented in a ticket when the chat comes to an end.

Business Holidays

After hours protocol will be followed on holidays

New Years Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving and the Friday after

Cristmas Eve

Christmas Day